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Thursday 18th July 2019

Continuous Deployment with Gitlab

Since the beginning Gitlab have made it their mission to enable the entire devops lifecycle within a single application and it is now starting to reveal it's true potential for development teams.

Focusing on the Gitlab CI/CD pipeline and the way in which it can be used to improve your entire team's workflow. We will cover how:
- Your developers can be re-assured on every commit that the build still passes your unit tests, integration tests and performance benchmarks.
- Your QA team will be able to test the features with ease with the automatically spun up instances for each feature branch.
- And the rest of the team can be confident that feature roll-outs are smooth and consistent across all environments.

We will go through setting up a sample Laravel application and configuring Gitlab's suite of pipeline features to demonstrate it's potential for your applications and teams.

Our event is free to all but we ask that you sign up online so we have an idea of numbers for the venue. We love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future events either on Twitter or through the #SheffieldPHP channel on the Sheffield Digital Slack account.

Sam Biggins

Sam Biggins is a software engineer by trade with a strong passion for automation and process improvement. He is currently heading up the development team at Evoluted as their Head of Development.