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Thursday 15th March 2018

Sheffield PHP - March 2018

  • Stuart Grimshaw
  • Hijas Veerasan
  • Chris Riley

Join us on the 15th March for our next event at The Showroom Cafe. We'll be hosting three talks;

“I’m British So I Know How To Queue”

The talk will cover most chapters of the book, topics such as what are queues useful for, configuring queues, handling errors with dead letter queues and more. The book on offer at the moment in the current 5 for $30 bundle from NomadPHP.

“The Chimp Paradox : How to keep it cool”

This quick talk is based on the mind management book called The Chimp Paradox written by Dr. Steve Peters. It lays out simple models and strategies that we could use to

  • - Recognise how your mind is working
  • - Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts
  • - Manage yourself and become the person (or PHP Developer) you would like to be

“Nuclear powered software security”

It seems to be almost a weekly occurrence that another company makes the news headlines for being hacked and in the process disclosing sensitive user data and company secrets. These security meltdowns can cause catastrophic effects to the company in lost user trust and huge costs putting things right.

A nuclear power plant is considered one of the most dangerous things mankind has built, yet they very rarely go wrong. The systems engineering that goes into making nuclear power plants safe is a fascinating topic to study but on the surface it seems entirely irrelevant to PHP developers.

In this talk I'm going to show you how this level of safety is achieved, what happens when it goes wrong and then see what lessons we, as PHP developers, can learn from it to help us secure our applications from meltdown.

Our event is free to all but we ask that you sign up online so we have an idea of numbers for the venue. We love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future events either on Twitter or through the #SheffieldPHP channel on the Sheffield Digital Slack account.

6.00pm - 6.30pm

Get a drink, take a seat

6.30pm - 6.50pm

Talk 1 - I’m British So I Know How To Queue

6.50pm - 7pm

Questions + Short Break

7pm - 7.15pm

Talk 2 - The Chimp Paradox : How to keep it cool

7.15pm - 7.25pm

Questions + Short Break

7.25pm - 8.15pm

Talk 3 - Nuclear powered software security

8.15pm - 8.30pm

Open Mic

Stuart Grimshaw

Stuart Grimshaw

Stuart Grimshaw is a Software Engineer and Software Engineering Manager, with 20+ years experience in industries as diverse and the haulage sector to local government via internet service provision and ecommerce. Author of the book “I’m British So I Know How To Queue” a book about long running consumers for RabbitMQ & PHP.

Hijas Veerasan

Hijas Veerasan

Hijas works as a Lead Software Engineer at Plusnet, Sheffield. Before the current role, he was as a PHP developer for 9 years in India and in Sheffield.


Chris Riley

Chris is a freelance consultant based in York, Uk with experience working in the public sector, small and large companies throughout North Yorkshire. Chris has over 10 years experience with PHP and has a keen focus on both software architecture and none functional requirements such as security, performance and maintainability. In his free time, Chris can often be found producing or playing with experimental libraries and contributing to Zend framework.