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Thursday 17th May 2018

Web Security, Common Vulnerabilities and How to Prevent Them

Join us on the 17th May for our next event at The Showroom Cafe.

Web security is such a crucial part of all the applications we build day to day yet security breaches are reported daily.

Our event will focus on the top 10 vulnerabilities of web applications as reported by OWASP and ways to mitigate them. We will start with a short introductory talk and then move onto a capture the flag esk workshop where attendees can try their skills at exploiting and patching vulnerable applications.

Please bring a laptop if you can with a PHP development environment setup.

Our event is free to all but we ask that you sign up online so we have an idea of numbers for the venue. We love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future events either on Twitter or through the #SheffieldPHP channel on the Sheffield Digital Slack account.